Boost your brain power.

Let our BigLittleBrain certified teachers and consultants help you strengthen your comprehension, memory, problem-solving and perception skills, and increase your chances of success in school and at work.

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Richmond, BC V7A 5G8

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About Us



Our staff at BigLittleBrain are professional educators with a passion for learning. We are BC-certified classroom teachers, and SOI-IPP Advanced Trainers with accreditation from SOI Systems.


We provide out-of-school learning support to every type of learner, from struggling students to gifted graduates to everyone in between. 


We offer:

  • learner profile tests that identify strengths and challenges in learning and perceptual skills

  • personalized materials to help improve and strengthen weaker learning areas

  • career aptitude matching 

  • innovative body movement programs to help struggling learners develop visual, auditory and balance systems

  • in-clinic, one-on-one support to assist clients in working through cognitive training materials

We help clients who:

  • struggle to focus in class

  • are bright but receiving low grades

  • have low motivation at school

  • can’t sit long enough to complete a task

  • make careless, sloppy errors in their work

  • misread words or symbols

  • read slowly and awkwardly

  • substitute or skip words when reading

  • take lots of breaks when reading

  • don’t understand what they read

  • struggle to finish homework on time

  • avoid reading and/or writing tasks

  • can’t following oral directions 

  • find it difficult to copy information onto paper

  • can’t stay on the lines when they write

  • frequently misunderstand instructions

  • find word problems confusing

  • are exhausted after doing paperwork

  • easily tire when reading

  • get headaches when reading


Every brain has the potential to improve its function

The body and the brain are intricately connected; improvements in physical abilities transfer to cognitive gains.

Learning abilities are dynamic and can be grown and enhanced.​

It is never too late to begin to "reprogram" our mind to learn.

Everyone has a BIG little brain.