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Autism Spectrum Disorder


Clients with ASD come to us with a wide range of strengths and challenges. However, a commonly shared challenge is difficulty with processing and integrating sensory information. This can affect daily life functions, including the ability to learn in a classroom or a private setting.

Learning involves all of our senses, including our senses of balance and the awareness of our body position in space. Those who have a hard time processing information from even one of the senses will find the typical school environment distracting and difficult. For example, when our ears pop and our hearing gets muffled, it becomes hard to register what someone is saying; when the hum of the projector is too loud, we can't concentrate on anything other than wishing for the annoying sound to end. Similarly, our autistic clients may be experiencing overload in some of their senses and under-stimulation in others, sometimes at the same time! This discomfort can cause distress, and lead them into a fight-or-flight mode to cope. "Misbehaviours" observed in the classroom are often the result of these sensory processing difficulties. 

Sensory integration programs have been found to improve motor skills, social responsiveness, learning abilities, and reduce unwanted behaviours

Our IPP program is designed to help clients with integrating signals from multiple senses at the same time. Our unique program of movement exercises includes activities that target:

  • balance

  • awareness of body positions in space

  • body orientation (eg. crossing the midline)

  • visual processing issues 

  • auditory processing difficulties

  • postural control 

  • attention 

Our SOI program also helps autistic clients build their executive functioning skills, which may be underdeveloped. The ability to pay attention, to hold information in mind until it can be used and connected with other concepts (working memory), and to determine the order of events (sequencing) may be weak, causing difficulties in learning and in life. Our SOI program addresses these challenges, as well as BC's core competencies of critical thinking, self-regulation, and creative thinking.  Our training exercises support the development of executive functioning skills.


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Movement exercises that integrate visual, auditory and balance tasks simultaneously can help improve learning.