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SOI - Structure of Intellect



The Structure of Intellect (SOI) program is based on J.P. Guilford’s theory of human intelligence, which believes that if you develop the brain functions that are at the root of all learning, you can improve thinking abilities at any age.



The SOI program was developed by Drs. Mary Meeker and Robert Meeker, and offers a range of testing, teaching and training services. The focus of the program is on developing the skills and abilities needed for someone to becoming a better learner.


During World War II, 35% of pilots enrolled in the Air Corps (U.S. Air Force) were failing out of their training program. These were bright, healthy and capable trainees! Dr. J. P. Guilford was brought in to create a better screening tool to help pick students who could actually succeed. He figured out the thinking skills required for the Air Corps positions, and created tests to measure those skills. When his new screening tool was used on new recruits, the dropout rate plummeted to 9% for bombardiers and 5% for pilots and navigation crew. 


The U.S. Department of Defence funded Guilford for the next 20 years while he worked at the University of Southern California on the Aptitudes Project. As his team of researchers identified more abilities, the Structure of Intellect model was created. 

Dr. Mary Meeker, a doctoral student of Dr. Guilford’s, along with her husband Dr. Robert Meeker, thought to extend the SOI model to identify learning difficulties in students. She built on Dr. Guilford’s work and discovered that certain abilities were related to basic school learning: reading, arithmetic, higher math, creativity and more. Dr. Meeker also found that these abilities could be taught and developed.


It is this ability to develop potential learning abilities that makes SOI stand out from other intelligence tests and programs.


SOI Systems was officially founded in 1965. More than five decades later, SOI continues to flourish in the context of classrooms and private sectors across the globe.


Yes! Since 1974*, studies have been done to show that SOI training leads to improved performance on standardized achievement tests. They looked at whether doing SOI exercises significantly improved learning abilities, and whether these learning abilities led to increased achievement in school. In both cases, they found that it did.


* Jerry Coker-Patterson Road School- Research Studies, VOl. II, California State Dept of Education

Jackie Buisman-Sherwood School District- Research Studies, Vol. II, Oregon State Dept. of Education


Personalized and prescriptive solutions for your needs.

The ability to develop potential learning abilities in every learner

sets SOI apart from other intelligence tests and

content-based educational programs.