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Let our BigLittleBrain certified teachers and consultants help you strengthen your comprehension, memory, problem-solving and perception skills, and increase your chances of success in school and at work.

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Our programs begin with an SOI (Structure of Intellect) assessment to identify our clients' strengths and challenges in key learning areas. This assessment is 2-3 hours long, and is made up of 26 timed, written sub-tests that check for understanding, memory, creativity, problem-solving and evaluation skills. 


We score and norm the results, and generate an SOI learner profile. We then review the profile with our clients, and figure out the next steps together.


Sometimes, the learner profile may tell us that further screening is required for vision, focusing or sensorimotor integration. In those cases, we also offer IPP (Integrated Practice Protocol) testing as needed. 



The SOI learner profile reveals the abilities that are under-developed. This provides a roadmap for us to create a personalized SOI-IPP program to improve weaker learning areas. Our clients may purchase the SOI program exercises, called modules, in workbook and CD format. They can then complete these cognitive training materials at home or in our clinic.