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IPP - Integrated Practise Protocol

The IPP is a separate assessment that is done after the SOI assessment. The IPP assessment is made up of movement sub-tests that check for:

Sensorimotor Function 

  • balance
  • ability to cross the mid-line of the body
  • awareness of body in space (proprioception)
  • left-right body awareness (laterality)

Visual Perception

  • eye teaming (can both eyes take in information at the same time)
  • aiming (can both eyes move together to focus on objects)
  • focusing (can eyes adjust focus on distant and near objects)
  • targeting (can eyes move quickly and accurately from one point to another
  • ocular pursuits (quality of eye movements when following a moving object)

Auditory Processing

  • problems with sound processing that may affect learning; this is a separate component of the IPP program

A more detailed explanation of the IPP assessment can be found here.


An individualized program of physical exercises is created based on IPP assessment results; these exercises are designed to help our clients develop their sensorimotor abilities and integrate them to form new brain connections. Our BigLittleBrain specialists are certified in IPP, and can offer both testing and training in our clinic.