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Learning Disabilities​

There are many different kinds of learning disabilities. BigLittleBrain uses SOI testing to determine exactly which abilities have not yet been developed, and then targets these underdeveloped areas one at a time. We support our clients in developing the skills that form the foundation for learning. The SOI assessment provides the baseline from which progress can be measured, and serves as an IEP that identifies the specific targets that need strengthening. It also clearly define the course of programming to follow.

While schools generally look at academic skills, we assume that cognitive abilities come before academic ones. Cognitive abilities are the mental tools that you need in order to learn what is taught. These foundational skills help you pay attention, self-regulate, retain what you've learned, process information, create mental images of what has been read and understood, and make connections. These also help you correctly sequence, order, and categorize information.

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SOI has been very successful with clients who have learning disabilities. One example is at the University Heights School in Seattle, WA, where the student population included learners who were LD, LLD, ED, and dyslexic. After two years of SOI programming for these learners, the group significantly increased their average IQ by 25.7 (as measured by the WISC-R), and made language gains of 2.6 stanines.

BigLittleBrain offers SOI-IPP services to all learners regardless of their baseline ability, and can help anyone struggling with learning disabilities to build up their prerequisite cognitive skills.

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