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Our SOI Career Assessments

Our SOI Career Assessments support clients as they consider profession changes, and inform their decisions entering into post-secondary education or the trades.

This assessment not only generates the complete SOI learner profile, but also matches the client's profile against the skills and abilities needed for various careers that he/she may be considering. 

If our clients are low in the essential or important skills of a given profession, this may mean that it isn't the best career for them to pursue at this time. It may also mean that clients need to focus on building up those weak areas in order to pursue that type of work in the future. 

Our SOI Career Assessments may be used as a guidance counselling tool, a resource for confirming "good fit" careers, and a roadmap for building up the right set of prerequisite skills needed for the careers that they want.

Clients who complete the SOI Career Assessments can compare their profiles with up to a dozen different careers from an extensive list of professions.