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Let our BigLittleBrain certified teachers and consultants help you strengthen your comprehension, memory, problem-solving and perception skills, and increase your chances of success in school and at work.

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Our Services

Learning is supposed to come naturally; we enter the world like sponges, ready to absorb information. Sometimes, however, there is an unexpected interruption to the dynamic processes of brain development, and our brains get “stuck.” When this happens, our ability to learn may become imbalanced or impaired.

When facing unexpected learning challenges, it can be very frustrating for everyone involved, from the student in the classroom who has fallen behind, to the parent or teacher who has tried every support and strategy to no avail, to the tradesperson whose test-taking challenges make it difficult to move on with their careers. 

At BigLittleBrain, we offer educational services that assess, identify, improve and enhance the skills and abilities that are essential to reading, writing, mathematics and general learning.


Our programs and services help improve learning abilities for every client, from those with learning challenges, to gifted people who want to enhance their academic performance, to college-bound students wishing to find a career fit. We identify the “why’s” behind learning difficulties, and build up existing strengths.