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Let our BigLittleBrain certified teachers and consultants help you strengthen your comprehension, memory, problem-solving and perception skills, and increase your chances of success in school and at work.

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Our Staff

Helen Engel-Gray, 

B.A., B.Ed., SOI-IPP Advanced Trainer

Helen believes strongly in helping all people reach their full potential as learners, because she herself values the importance of lifelong learning. It was this passion for helping others succeed that led her to open BigLittleBrain. 


Helen has been an educator for nearly two decades. She graduated with distinction from the University of Alberta with both her B.A. (Psychology/English) and B.Ed. (Elementary) degrees, and her interest in the intersection between learning and brain development was piqued when her daughter was born. As she learned more about brain neuroplasticity, she became more interested in how cognitive training methods could positively impact academic performance. In particular, she observed the effectiveness of non-conventional approaches to learning, especially for struggling students who had not responded to traditional educational interventions. Helen obtained her advanced certifications in SOI and IPP program delivery so that she could offer these innovative brain exercises to the public, and is excited to apply her experiences to help her clients reach their full potential as learners in the classroom and on the job.

Patricia Epp, 

B.A., B.Ed., SOI-IPP Advanced Trainer

Patricia, co-founder of BigLittleBrain, is a veteran educator with experience in primary and intermediate classrooms. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a B.A. (English/Learning Disabilities) and then went on to pursue her B.Ed. degree in elementary education at the University of British Columbia. 

Over the span of her 20+ year career, Patricia has been passionate about finding ways to help students with learning challenges succeed. After being introduced to SOI and IPP, she was delighted to find a program that identifies and addresses the root causes of learning difficulties. The innovative approach of SOI and IPP to learning, intelligence and education was exactly what she had been seeking. Her desire is to help others overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential.