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Clients with Special Needs


At BigLittleBrain, we work with clients of all backgrounds, abilities and ages. Some of our clients have diagnoses of autism, ADD, ADHD, developmental delays, and/or learning disabilities. All of our clients share a similar goal to our own, however - to become better learners, no matter where their baseline starts. Individual challenges may mean that we sometimes need to adapt or modify our services for our clients' needs. As educators, this is something that we are trained to do. However, we prefer not to focus on the diagnoses or labels, but on the individual clients and their unique combination of strengths and challenges.

We believe that learning difficulties may simply be a lack of learning abilities. These abilities are the building blocks of success in school and in the workplace. Unfortunately, programs that support struggling learners tend to focus on the content that has to be learned, rather than on the processes that allow this content to be learned. Our goal is to help build up those underlying learning abilities in all of our clients, including those who have exceptional needs.

Become a better learner,
no matter where your baseline begins.