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Why SOI?


Unlike other assessment tools, the SOI program is both descriptive and prescriptive, and is uniquely focused on measuring only the skills and abilities that are necessary for learning.


DESCRIPTIVE -  The SOI learner profile gives our clients an accurate baseline of their intellectual performance, and shows them the areas that are strong as well as those that need more training.


PRESCRIPTIVE - The assessment results act like a roadmap that matches clients with the type of training materials and exercises that they need in order to build up weaker areas and enhance strengths.


There are many different ways to target learning difficulties. Most private tutoring programs and school learning support services focus on content and curriculum; their goal is to treat the "what" of learning. The SOI-IPP programs offered at BigLittleBrain target "why," "how," and "how well" our clients are learning. We are therefore cross-compatible and complementary to any other programs our clients may be doing.

Some of the features that set our SOI-IPP programs apart:


Relevant - we help clients understand what is going on when they try to learn, and why they may have academic problems

Non-Conventional - our assessment and training materials are unlike traditional tests and schoolwork, and our clients do not feel intimidated by these exercises

Growth-Mindset Oriented - our programs are based on the belief that all abilities can be improved; this gives hope to every learner, no matter where they start

Forward-Facing - a SOI career assessment can match clients with the professions that best fit their developing skillsets and abilities, and help them make more informed decisions about their future


You can read more about the unique features that set the SOI program apart, here.


Currently, BigLittleBrain is the only certified, publicly-accessible SOI-IPP clinic in British Columbia. You can contact us for more information, or if you are seeking an SOI-IPP service provider in another country or province, please check the SOI Systems website for a list of all the active, accredited SOI practitioners in your area.


is the only accredited clinic in the Lower Mainland to offer both SOI and IPP services.